MB6SO Operational

Thanks to the generous loan of equipment from Yaesu UK, Fusion node MB6SO is now operational. It is based in Macclesfield and operates on 144.8375 C4FM. It is linked to Wires-X room 44050 (SOTA) although users can change the connected room if they wish.One of the most active rooms in the UK is 27793 (CQ-UK).

To access MB6SO you will need to refer to the Wires-X instructions for your radio.

The next phase of the SOTA-Link project will be to link other communications systems to the SOTA Wires-X room so that is accessible from the DMR network (BM TG973) and the FCS reflector network (FCS04-73). This will allow easy worldwide access using hotspots, repeaters, nodes and gateways using C4FM and DMR.